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Recently, anglers, marine environmentalists and conservationists have joined forces in a bid to highlight the plight of  inshore fisheries around the Northern Irish coast.  Through the introduction of properly researched science based data, Marine Conservation Northern Ireland (MCNI) aims to support the creation of Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s), as the first essential step to establishing a sustainable in-shore recreational sea angling fishery (RSA).

Our aim is to establish the recovery of valuable indigenous species whose current decimated stock levels threaten their sustainability as a result of decades of commercial over-fishing.  The DOE, (the government department that now oversees this) is well aware of our dwindling fish stocks.  The effects of over-fishing are not only isolated to angling activity and the marine environment alone, but impact dramatically upon the coastal economy and tourism.

Marine Conservation Northern Ireland are lobbying our Government to present the argument for the protection and promotion of fish stocks for the purpose of recreational Sea Angling (RSA), initially through the implementation of marine protect areas(MPA’s).


By registering your support, we can represent your interests when lobbying Government and the more support we have, the greater the impact and likelihood that we will be able to ensure that there is something left of our seas for our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren………..

We will never sell your details or use them for any other purpose than the conservation aims of MCNI.  Thank you.

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